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This site is VERY much a work-in-progress - over time I expect/hope it will grow into a resource for friends, enemies, and Windows users alike.

It's best viewed in Internet Explorer v6 or Firefox 3 and above - in a window at least 800x600 (OK, you can see it in 640x480, but it's cramped as hell!)

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If you have a problem with Windows look at one of these sites -  you'll probably find the answer there!


August 2010

Continuing the theme of problems in the last entry here - this year has seen me spend significant time in hospital and months recuperating afterwards :(.

Amputation of toes is not a happy experience - if you'd like to know more, read the Blog that my Foot created - The Three-Toed Sloth it's written as a way for me (and The Foot) to blow off steam, and hopefully help a few fellow-sufferers who may be sufferring similar problems.

I'm still concentrating mostly on Vista and Windows 7 for my own use, so ME additions to the site will be minimal - but nothing is going to be removed for the foreseeable future, and Major changes are currently underway, to ensure that ME users (we few, we happy band of brothers<g>) aren't left out in the cold, if MS finally pull the plug on WU for ME. This work is a bit of a marathon, but it will get done sooner or later

The major page under construction at the moment is the End-Of-Life lifesaver - enabling you to store all the Windows Updates offline for use if MS take down the Windows Update site, and you have to reinstall ME. (if you want to see what the project is like at the moment - look here ) [NOTE to self: really must get this back underway!]

In 2002, I was awarded the status of MS-MVP (Win9x) for the first time, and re-awarded in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 - if you want to see what that means, then look here.

MVP Program - Introduction

Due to many problems in 2007/8, I lost the award that year - but hope to be back again (in XP, Vista, and Win7) in the near future, and intend to adhere to the precepts of the award in the meantime!


This is North Wales....

The weather is almost always:

Cloudy - with rain at times

(summarised as: 9 months Winter - 3 months bad weather!)

If you have a problem with your PC -  use the newsgroups to help you solve it!

If you have Outlook Express (or Windows Mail, if you have Vista running!) installed, and use it for email, then you can subscribe to the MS public newsgroups directly. There's no fee, and no particular requirements - just click on this link, and it will set up an account, and take you to the Windows ME general discussion group. It will also download all the available newsgroup titles on the MS servers, and you can search them for one more appropriate for your needs. Subscribe to ones you want to see details of, and you're off!

Newsgroups for OE

Unfortunately, MS have now all but killed the old news servers, and forced the general public to use web forums - and not created any for Windows before XP!
This means that folks who have problems with Win 98 or ME (and those very few still running Win 95 or NT) have nowhere MS-related to go to for support.

The new Windows Answers support web forums are here - but are only useful if you have XP, Vista or Win7. If you are looking for support for any other user-oriented version of Windows, then try the forums at Aumha, where many MVP's with years of experience will be happy to help.