If you have comments, suggestions or complaints about this site, please email me at winnoel@gmail.com

I WILL read everything that's sent - but won't necessarily respond either immediately, or at all.

If you get desperate for a response, then I'm afraid that's tough - I have to work for a living (and occasionally sleep as well), and I can't afford to have the site and/or email manned 24/7.

There are plenty of resources out there. If it's a Windows problem, then try Jim Eshelman's  Windows Support Center. If it's an application software or a hardware problem, try the manufacturer's website.

If it's a complaint, suggestion, or comment about this site, then I will try to respond ASAP - but I will only make alterations 'on request' for the Windows Help pages. (My 'About Me' pages are *mine* - and they're going to stay that way!)

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