A few photos to reduce the boredom

My 'Official' photo

Me - with the beard (2003)

Half-done - the fear begins to show!

I just saw myself for the first time!

Me - without the beard (2003)

Cute? (2004)
In all my glory??
Well - I did get my posterior pinched once or twice
What Legs! (2004) Yeah - what legs? (one of the ladies present decided that she was more jealous of my flat stomach!)

The Bearded Lady! (2004) - I got conned into appearing for this year's event as The Bearded Lady (and also producing printed T-Shirts)

The mud-wrestling! (2004) No - it's not me, for a change<g> - but we also had mixed-sex mud-wrestling as an added attraction

Me again - summer 2007, somewhere in North Wales.....


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