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You probably got here after someone pointed you in the direction of this site, because you're having problems with one of the more esoteric functions of Windows Millennium Edition (ME) - System Restore, PCHealth, or Help & Support - or perhaps Internet Explorer 6, or you're having problems with ME, and want to know how to reinstall it over-the-top of itself, retaining your programs and data.


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While I am an MS-MVP (albeit currently an ex-MVP, I adhere to the principles involved), not all those contributing to these pages are MVP's - where the page content is provided by an MVP, the logo (top-left) will appear.

Please note that I personally trust the opinions of any other contributor, the fact that they may not currently be MVP's does not detract from the value of their advice  - it may simply be that they are too busy to meet the requirements of the MVP program, or for one reason or another have chosen not to accept the award.

This page is - roughly speaking - a kick-off point to the contents of the Help site. I have no idea how long it's going to get, or where it's going to lead either you or me - I just hope you find it useful.

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