Cleaning Windows ME's Startup axis

First - know WHY you want to do it!! there are a number of programs that HAVE to run in the startup axis for the proper function of ME - see the list below for explanations of which,and why.

There are some programs which it's a good idea to let run at startup, either because they speed up other things, or because they allow hardware to run properly.

There are some which you might as well run at startup - either because it's too much of a pain to get rid of them properly, or because they have no real effect on the running of your pc.

There are a LOT of things which should NEVER be run at startup - they are either malware (viruses/trojans/adware), or badly written software which is likely to slow your machine down (NortonAnti-Virus, etc)

The Good Guys:- programs that actually need to be in the startup axis

  1. Programs to be found in the MSCONFIG startup list

    - The following will be found in a clean install of ME

    Scanregistry - C:\Windows\scanregw.exe

    TaskMonitor - C:\Windows\taskmon.exe

    System Tray - SysTray.exe

    LoadPowerProfile - Rundll32.exe powprof.dll,LoadCurrenPowerScheme (note that there are TWO instances of this - one in the Machine Run section, and one in the Machine ServicesSection!)

    Scheduling Agent - mstask.exe

    *Statemgr - C:\Windows\System Restore\Statemgr.exe

    Also to be found in a clean install - but which can safely be disabled

  2. The following will also be found in a clean install of ME that has been fully updated using Windows Update

    look here for instructions on how to clean up your Startup axis, preventing unnecessary programs loading
    (enter any item in the Startup list in MSCONFIG into the search box on the page, and click Search)

    for detailed instructions - look here

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